Halloween World
If I had a Halloween theme park...

Along the lines of "If I was a Horror Host" and my imaginary Halloween Channel, here's a rough sketch of Halloween World, my imaginary theme park on the scale of Disneyland.  It's many of my decorating and party ideas writ large.

Rides and Attractions

4D Zone - Lots of perspective-warping rooms on a ride-through.  You think you're going up, but turn out to be moving sideways, etc.  Vortex tunnels, false sense of moving at high speeds when you're practically standing still, etc.

Haunted House on the Hill - A traditional haunted house.  Lots of ghosts popping out of coffins, closets, and so on.  Actual scares though, unlike Disney's Haunted Mansion.

Mummy's Curse - Ancient Egypt, hieroglyphics on walls and artifacts, etc.  Attacks from resurrected mummies, desert snakes, and scarab beetles!

Monster Castle - Frankenstein and Dracula's humble mountainside abode.  Live performances of the monster's creation and battles between Van Helsing and Count Dracula.

Hell Coaster - Indoor roller coaster through (simulated) flames in underground tunnels filled with imagery from Dante.  Coaster plunges into "lava" near the end of the ride.  (Compare with Splash Mountain.)

Funhouse - All the classics: Distorted mirrors, shifting floors, spinning halls, etc.

Undead Pirates - Skeletal pirates aboard a giant ship battle sea monsters, humans, and mer people.  (Compare with Pirates of the Caribbean.)

Abducted from Area 51 - Ride a UFO with grey aliens, go to their planet and back.

Zombie chase - Get chased through a maze by the undead.

Silver Bullet - Coaster races through werewolf country faster than a speeding bullet.  (Compare with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.)

Dreams in the Witch's House - You time-travel back to old Salem and see a trial and witch-burning.  (Compare with parts of Frontierland.)

Robot Apocalypse - Run-down and cannibalized robots try to capture humans.  You have to shoot them with your lasers.  (Compare with Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.)

Flying Pumpkins - Riders control their altitude by pulling their "wand."  (Compare with Astro Orbiter.)

Mirror Maze - Find your way out of a confusing labyrinth.

Horror circus - Killer Klowns shot from cannons with knives in their hands, freak show, undead performing animals, etc.

3D Land - Chromadepth 3d glasses combined with fluorescent paints and blacklights, etc.

Texas Hay Ride Massacre - Barn/farm with monsters who try to get you.

Black Lagoon Boat Ride - Creatures come to the surface to try and "capture" boat riders.  Other jungle creatures pose threats too.  (Compare to Jungle Cruise.)

Fallout Fortress - Many mutants from biological weapons that leaked and infected soldiers leaving the military base overrun!

The Pit and the Pendulum - You ride the pendulum!  See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pendulum_ride

The "No Petting" Zoo - Exotic no-petting zoo of scary animals: scorpions, tarantulas, venomous snakes, crow/raven, black cat, etc. set up like a zoo.

The Addams/Munster family house - A "better homes and gardens" parody by showcasing where that kooky family down the street lives.

Spooky sounds interactive - Guests get to play with different instruments and even score footage from a film (i.e., film gives cues when to play pieces).  Also has a foley lab to create sound effects of bones breaking, gurgling noises, etc.  Instruments available include a theremin (with effects like delay and reverb), waterphone, pipe organ, and others.

Haunted Corn Maze - Try to navigate the maze while being "chased" by the harvest demons: scary scarecrow, goat man, etc.

Bounce Houses:
Bounce castle - Bounce through multiple chambers
Monster guts - Get "swallowed by the monster" and hop around in his stomach
Wax museum - Hosted by the ghost of Vincent Price.  Features sections include:
Carnival Games
Photosmagoria - Photo ops.  Participants can be made up with make-up, prosthetics, and costumed all by professional, then have their pictures taken in horror scenes.  They can wear the makeup for the rest of their stay at the park.

Theaters/Live Entertainment
The Phantom's Opera House - Actual musical performances of Halloween hits are "interrupted" by the Phantom dropping the chandelier and scaring the audience.

Drive-in of Terror - Movies at night shown at a faux drive-in where everyone's seat is a retro car from the late '50s.  Lots of sci-fi monster movies.  Rocky Horror shown at midnight.

Hay Bale Theater - Hay bales in the field at night and show classic horror movies.

Full Moon Cafe - Serves Bloody Marys, True Blood, etc.

Count Burgula - They also serve bloody stake.

Sandwi(t)ch Shoppe - Lots of ingredients to chose from: eye of newt, wing of bat.  It's no toil or trouble!

Abominable Snowcone - Frozen deserts that sometimes have a surprise inside, such as a Thing from another world (on a stick).

Tricks and Treats candy store - Candy corn, candied apples, gummy worms, etc.  Purchases are placed in a treat bag.

Gift shops

Several around the park.  Many are outside of rides with merch associated with the ride and the monsters featured therein.  Additionally, several other shops with general merchandise and specializing in certain areas:

Bookstore - Features classic and modern horror novels/collections, comic books/graphic novels, magazines, movie posters.
Prop shop -  Animatronics, skulls and skelletons, etc.

Costume shop - Costumes, masks, prothetics, and make-up.

Toy store - Monster figures, board games, puzzles, etc.  Many park exclusives.

Features of the park
Monsters walking around

Tickets to the park look like movie tickets

On-site Hotels
Bates Motel - Next to the Bates family mansion which has a theater, gift shop, etc.  Murder mystery game several evenings a week

Haunted Hotel - Lobby has dust covers on furniture, candelabras, (fake) cobwebs, etc.  The pool is called the Red Lagoon.

All rooms have Halloween World's own channels:

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