Halloween Night Checklist

There's so much to do on Halloween night that I finally resorted to writing out a checklist to keep track of it all.  Here's an annotated version of that list that you can modify for your own home haunting.

The night before:

The day of Halloween

Most of the decorations like gravestones and the fence are already out in the yard well in advance of Halloween.  However, there's lots of stuff to set-up and set out in preparation for the Trick-or-Treaters.  Here's a list of most of it.

In the yard:

On the porch:


Stuff to turn on:

In many cases I have several of these things on power strips so that I can turn on multiple things a time.  In fact, I often have them run through X10 units so that I can use a remote to turn on several at the same time using a remote.  (I put them all on the same X10 device code so they can all come on all at once.)  Not everything has a switch though, so in some cases I'm running around plugging in things.

In the future....

Who knows what I will add over time.  I'd like to get a Light-o-rama and/or add animatronics to the mix.  That's a lot more work, but in every Halloween I've had mostly static lights and static props.  I need to bring more dynamic lighting and/or motion into play than we have had before, even if that increases the number of things I have to do on Halloween night.


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