Halloween Bites: The Sweeter Side of the Season

Even though I focus this site on all the decorating and partying, basically the first thing you learn about October 31st as a kid is "Costumes + Candy = Halloween."  Comments on the sweeter side of the holiday follow...

Gummy body parts from 2008.  Note the booger in the nose.

New in 2009 were the mouths with teeth (fangs even).

The nose looks frostbitten!  This is definitely more disturbing than a booger.

The class of 2010's gummy body parts.  I like the addition of the brain.  The eye colors are great too.  So's the ear. Who cares if they aren't to scale?  I have no idea what second row, second from left is supposed to be.

The gummy bugs were a good idea as well, but I have to admit that they didn't taste very good.  Maybe they were supposed to taste like bugs, but I've never eaten one, so I don't know.

I liked the monster popper toys as well just because this is such a dumb gimmick.  Why would a mummy poop?  Wouldn't it be all dessicated anyway?

The candy blood bag was neat as well, although I don't like anything cherry.  These look great as props, but I would be scared to keep them until next year.  Never mind the "candy" going bad; what happens if the bag bursts?

Box of Boogers.  Oh, I just had to get these.  They're "tangy gummy boogies that look & feel real!"  Yes, but what about the taste?!

Here's the bag of them.  Note that there are both green and yellow-ish ones.  The latter were actually lemon-flavored.  The green was just some generic citrus flavor.

And they even went so far as to create different molds for them.

Marshmallow things were all the rage this year (e.g., eyeballs, a heart in a jar, etc.), but personally, I'm a big fan of giant gummy candies like these examples.  I should have included some frame of reference, but these are roughly 3" high.  I like that they're too big to eat in one bite (unless you are dared to).  I would like to see gummy body parts on this scale and with more (and grosser!) detail.

I stole this idea from Liz.  If you have your Halloween party before Halloween night, you can ask your guests to bring candy that you can give out to the kids later.

This is most of what we got (that I hadn't eaten yet; note the open bag).  And yet most years we'll give out this much easily, and that's just one piece per kid.  I'm not kidding.

After we give out all the candy on Halloween night, then we go buy more... but it's on sale by then.

All the loot goes in these candy jars (inherited from Dani's grandmother), and they last us until after Easter (when we refill anyway)..

Here they are above our kitchen cabinets.  This placement is part decorative, part strategic dieting.  It takes enough energy to reach seven feet up to get the jar for one piece that I don't do it very often.  If I put one of these next to my keyboard, however, the entire haul of it would be gone by Thanksgiving... along with my pancreas.

Oh, and let's not forget that candy isn't the only sweet thing.

Here's a bit(e) of trivia: You can get Franken Berry and Count Chocula all year round, but Boo Berry only shows up on the shelves around Halloween.

Another fun fact: They also made Fruit Brute (a werewolf) and Fruity Yummy Mummy (a mummy, duh) for a while, but those never caught on.

I hadn't really planned this beforehand, but I ended up dumping all the guest-supplied candy on the pool table as it arrived at the 2010 party.  After all, why shouldn't they get some?  Besides, we never finished the planned spaceship control panel I wanted to build here.

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