Every Day is Halloween for Us

For real.  There's always something Halloween-related going on at our house.

We have done Halloween costume photo-shoots months after Halloween.  This owes mainly to the fact that you really can't work with children or animals.  But I repeat myself.  Kids are animals, just worse.  Sometimes you have to wait a few months when he isn't so cranky to put a kid (read: Stan) back in a Halloween costume.

We're almost always decorated.  The decorations come out more than a month before Halloween and stick around for months afterward.  Fully a quarter of my attic is dedicated to Halloween stuff.  I installed a winch so we can get the all of it up and down quickly and easily since there are so many crates of decorations and other things (old costumes, party supplies, etc.).

The house looks like a retro cineplex.  Year-round the walls are decorated with assorted sci-fi and (mostly) horror movie posters in the living room, stairway, breakfast area, and hall.  With more to come in other places.

Stan could identify most classic monsters by name before he was three.  He grew up playing with the figures, watching the movies, and seeing the posters on the walls and computer.

We eat off Halloween plates year-round.  In fact, we set out Santa's cookies on one of those Halloween plates on the night of Christmas Eve before we went to bed last year (2012).

I have years'-worth of Halloween costume ideas.  I literally have the next three years planned most of the time, with contingency plans regarding pregnancies and/or the gender of the baby in such cases.

We watch classic horror movies every Saturday (or at least tape them) hosted by Svengoolie.

We never stop making Halloween decorations.  I have photos of us working on Halloween projects where you can see the xmas tree in the background.

We live in a 100+ year-old house.  Our stairs creak.  I could fix them, but won't.

Sometimes I find cobwebs around the ceiling or in corners where the walls meet, but I don't clean them.  To me, those are free decorations.

I added four additional electrical outlets on the front of the house just for decorations (e.g., lights, fogger, animatronics, etc.).

We eat monster cereal pretty much all year round.  I buy loads of it on sale after Halloween, so we're still eating it in July!

Our kid is named after Halloween.  Stan is named in equal parts after effects wizard Stan Winston (Aliens, Jurassic Park, Terminator, Pumpkinhead, etc.) and Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee.  I actually wanted to have his name be Stan Winston, but Dani said, "No.  'Winston' is a dog's name.'"  But we didn't name the dog Winston.

We had a dog named Boris Dogloff.  Dani had the name Boris in her head for more than a decade, but it didn't fit our previous dog.  Then a dog who fit it came along because he was a huge terror.

We had a foster dog named Spooky.  His real name was BlackJack, but he was scared of everything, and it was close to Halloween when we got him (He was at the Halloween party), so I started calling him Spooky.

Stan wears costumes most days of the week.  Dani has made him dozens of costumes completely independent of Halloween: several Batman costumes (including a full Batman Beyond outfit with wings and mask) and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (she also made a bo staff like Donatello).  This is in addition to the costumes we bought: Spiderman, Superman, plus costumes she made for school: Scarecrow, Lion, etc.  I once made him up as a werewolf at his request... in January!

Stella goes through three costumes a day: princess, ballerina, and sometimes Rey from Star Wars!


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