Zacherley/Roland Episode List

John Zacherle originally did his horror hosting in Philadelphia under the name Roland (accent on the 2nd syllable).  The show was called The Million Dollar Movie Presents Shock Theater and, later, The Summer Film Festival Presents Shock Theater.  The show originally aired on Monday and Tuesday nights but was later moved to Friday and Saturday nights because so many kids were staying up late to watch him, then falling asleep in class the next day (It came on near 11:30 and ran until 1am).

I'm putting the name Zacherley on this page since at the end of this run he moved to New York and more famously went by the name Zacherley (now with he "y" at the end), which he continued throughout his career.

This listing was compiled by John Skerchock from newspaper listings (hence the notes), and can be found in his essential book The Zacherley Scrapbook.  It's out of print, but you can occasionally find copies on eBay (It took me about six months or so as a saved search).
Frankenstein (10/7/57)
Dracula (10/8/57)
The Mummy's Tomb (10/14/57)
The Werewolf of London (10/15/57)
The Invisible Man (10/21/57)
Dracula's Daughter (10/22/57)
The Mad Ghoul (10/28/57)
The Wolfman (10/29/57)
House of Horrors (11/4/57)
[No listing given] (11/5/57)
Son of Dracula (11/11/57)
Son of Frankenstein (11/12/57)
The Night Monster (11/18/57)
Man Made Monster (11/19/57)
The Frozen Ghost (11/25/57)
The Black Cat (11/26/57)
The Invisible Man Returns (12/2/57)
Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (12/3/57)
The Invisible Ray (12/9/57)
The Mummy (12/10/57)
She-Wolf of London (12/16/57)
The Spider-Woman Strikes Back (12/17/57)
The Raven (12/23/57)
[Christmas programming] (12/24/57)
The Human Monster (12/30/57)
[Guy Lombardo's New Year's Eve] (12/31/57)
The Ape (1/6/58)
Donovan's Brain (1/7/58)
Mystery of Marie Roget (1/13/58)
Horror Island (1/14/58)
Mystery of Edwin Drood (1/20/58)
Weird Woman (1/21/58)
The Strange Case of Dr. Rx (1/27/58)
Chamber of Horrors (1/28/58)
The Mummy's Ghost (2/2/58)
Devil Girl from Mars (2/3/58)
The Great Impersonation (2/10/58)
Nightmare (2/11/58)
Pillow of Death (2/21/58)
The Man who Cried Wolf (2/22/58)
The Mummy's Hand (2/28/58)
Frankenstein (3/1/58)
Dracula (3/7/58)
Four-Sided Triangle (3/8/58)
The Mystery of the White Room (3/14/58)
The Secret of the Blue Room (3/15/58)
The Secret of the Chateau (3/21/58)
The Murders in the Rue Morgue (3/22/58)
The Cat Creeps (3/28/58)
Dead Man's Eyes (3/29/58)
Destination Unknown (4/3/58)
The Witness Vanishes (4/4/58)
Red Planet Mars [Face of Marble is listed in the weekly section] (4/11/58)
Werewolf of London (4/12/58)
Revenge of the Zombie (4/18/58)
The Mad Ghoul (4/19/58)
The Wolf Man (4/25/58)
House of Horrors (4/26/58)
The Mummy's Tomb (5/2/58)
Night Monster (5/3/58)
The Invisible Man (5/9/58)
Dracula's Daughter (5/10/58)
Dr. Renault's Secret (5/16/58)
Cry of the Werewolf (5/17/58)
Man Made Monster (5/23/58)
Return of the Vampire (5/24/58)
Frozen Ghost (5/30/58)
The Black Cat (5/31/58)
Son of Frankenstein (6/6/58)
The Invisible Man Returns (6/7/58)
The Invisible Ray (6/13/58)
She-Wolf of London (6/14/58)
Midnight Limited (6/20/58)
[No listing other than "Shock Theater"] (6/21/58)
The Spider-Woman Strikes Back (6/27/58)
The Raven (6/28/58)
Soul of the Monster (7/4/58)
The Made Doctor in Market Street (7/5/58)
The Ape (7/11/58)
The Mummy's Ghost (7/12/58)
Human Monster (7/18/58)
Mystery of Marie Roget (7/19/58)
Chamber of Horrors (7/25/58)
Mystery of Edwin Drood (7/26/58)
Hangover Square (8/1/58)
The Hound of the Baskervilles (8/2/58)
Weird Woman (8/8/58)
Bobby Trap (8/9/58)
Horror Island (8/15/58)
The Strange Case of Dr. Rx (8/16/58)
Pillow of Death (8/22/58)
Four-Sided Triangle (8/23/58)
The Murders in the Rue Morgue (8/29/58)
The Secret of the Blue Room (8/30/58)
The Mummy (9/5/58)
The Black Sheep (9/6/58)
The Creeping Unknown (9/12/58)
Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (9/13/58)
Donovan's Brain (9/19/58)
The Neanderthal Man (9/20/58)
I would like to find listings for Zacherley's run in New York.  If anyone has a copy of some or all of that, please let me know.


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