Morgus Presents: The House of Shock Episode List

Morgus Presents originated in New Orleans, although it has been syndicated elsewhere.  The House of Shock version of the series is actually a modern (2008-2009) repackaging of the second incarnation of Morgus Presents.  That's a bit confusing, so let me explain.  The first Morgus Presents series ran in the '60s (according to one source, it was "1959 and ran on and off for 12 years").  I only know bits about it from what my folks remember such as wringing out the "humidity rag" and that there were references to local politicians and other notables. 

A missing chapter I've only learned about recently was that Sid Noel, the man who created and played Morgus, worked in Detroit as his famous character.  He was a horror host, of course, but he also famously did the weather segment on the news, in character and complete with gags.  That stint ended when he went back to New Orleans to pursue an offer he couldn't pass up.

That offer was apparently to ressurect the show.  Morgus Presents came back on the air in the late '80s (some sources say '86-'89) for 52 episodes.  From what I understand, the "House of Shock" series re-used the '80s footage of Morgus performing experiments, only with a different collection of movies this time, nearly all dating from the classic era of the original Universal Monsters, hence the title makes reference to the original Shock Theater movies.

I found this list on the local cable company's website.  I would like to clean it up when I have time (i.e., replace the actors' names with the year the film was released).  However, I am more concerned with tracking down the original episode list from the '80s series.  That was the show I grew up watching in my teens, and today I think of Morgus before any other whenever someone mentions the term "horror host."  I remember films from that run like "Food of the Gods" and "Phase IV" that date from the '70s.  If anyone has a copy of that list, please (PLEASE!) send me a copy!

Episode list (2008-2009) version (aka The House of Shock)
Scared to Death (Lugosi)
Shock (Vincent Price)
My Son the Vampire (Lugosi)
Beast from Haunted Cave
The Monster Maker (Carol Naish)
Mesa of Lost Women (Jackie Coogan)
The Killer Shrews (James Best)
Invisible Ghost (Lon Chaney)
One Body Too Many (Lugosi)
Teenagers from Outer Space
House of Seven Corpses
Bluebeard (John Carradine)
The Ape Man (Lugosi)
Unknown World
Robot vs. Aztec Mummy
Island Monster
The Boys from Brooklyn (Lugosi)
Phantom from Space
Revolt of the Zombies
Indestructible Man (Lon Chaney)
The Mad Monster (Carol Naish)
Bowery at Midnight (Lugosi)
Dead Men Walk
Attack of the Giant Leeches
The Living Head
Dark Eyes of London (Lugosi)
Monster from Prehistoric Planet (Color)
The King of the Zombies
Brain from Planet AROUS (John Agar)
The Human Monster (Lugosi)
Crimes of Dr. Crespi
Bride of the Gorilla (Raymond Burr)
Phantom from 10,000 Leagues
The Corpse Vanishes (Lugosi)
The Most Dangerous Game
Teenage Zombies
Phantom Ship (Lugosi)
Dr. Blood’s Coffin
Vampire Bat
White Zombie (Lugosi)
Killers from Space (Peter Graves)
Wild Women of Wongo
Murder by Television (Lugosi)
The Blood Creature
Asylum (Color)
The Death Kiss (Lugosi)
Condemned to Live
Jack the Ripper
Giant Gila Monster
The Devil Bat
The Man and the Monster
The Ape (Boris Karloff)

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