Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater Episode List

This was Joe Bob Briggs' first regular show (followed by Monstervision).  I don't have the years it ran or the airdates of individual episodes because I've found conflicting information across different sources.

This is a partial list of the show that I found here.  I know there are many more episodes than this, but I have thus far been unable to find a complete listing anywhere.  If anyone has a copy, please send it to me.

A Private Function
April Fool's Day
Basket Case
Basketcase 2
Beach Blanket Bingo
Bedroom Eyes II
Bikini Beach
Blood on Satan's Claw (Elvira Co-Hosts)
Caged Fury
Can You Keep it up for a Week
Chained Heat 2
Chery 2000
Critters 2
Deathstalker 3
Dirty Laundry (Fan Rereation)
Easy Wheels
Edge of Darkness
Evil Dead
Evil Toons
First Power
Frankenhooker 2
Frankenhooker/Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
Freddy's Dead: Nightmare on Elm Street
Girls School
Half Moon Street
Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood
Happy Hooker Goes to Washington
Hell High
Horror Host Hall Of Fame Week featuring Ghoulardi, Zacherley, John Stanley, Elvira & More!
In the Cold of the Night
Invaders From Mars (Ghoulardi Co-Hosts)
Jakarta (Zacherle Co-Hosts)
Lobster Man From Mars
Malibu Express
Maniac Cop
Maximum Overdrive
Montenegro (Featuring Ghoulardi)
New Kids, The
Night Angel
Night Of The Demons
Night Of The Living Dead (1968)
Night Of The Living Dead (1990)
Posed 4 Murder
Posed For Murder (Elvira Co-Hosts)
Prayer of the Roller Boys
Savage Streets
Slumber Party Massacre II
Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama
Steel and Lace
Terror at the Opera
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3
The Evil Dead
The New Kids
The Unborn
Unborn, The
Video Dead
Yum Yum Girls (John Stanley Co-Hosts)


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