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This was a Chicago area horror movie program that aired on WGN in the '70s (September 1970 through May 1976), originally starting at 10:30 on Saturday nights. The show was introduced with a spooky voice-over, reciting a chilling poem, while a creepy montage of Universal monsters lurked on screen. The movies shown ranged from classic Univeral films to fun B-grade flicks. (Modified from a summary written by Rellik for the IMDb).

The intro poem (which can be found on YouTube) goes as follows:

Gruesome ghouls and grisly ghosts,
Wretched souls and cursed hosts,
Vampires bite and villains creep,
Demons scream and shadows sleep.

Blood runs cold in every man,
Fog rolls in and coffins slam,
Mortals quake and full moon rise,
Creatures haunt and terrorize...

(Read by WGN's Carl Greyson and, later, Marty McNeely.  The theme music was Henry Mancini's "Experiment in Terror.")

Partial Episode List*

Dracula/She-Wolf of London (9/19/70)

Bride of Frankenstein/The Mummy's Ghost (9/26/70)
The Wolf Man/The Return of the Vampire (10/3/70)
The Mummy/House of Frankenstein (10/10/70)
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man/The Mummy's Hand (10/17/70)
Son of Dracula (10/24/70)
The Ghost of Frankenstein/Mark of the Vampire (10/31/70)
Werewolf of London/Murders in the Rue Morgue (11/7/70)
Frankenstein/The Mummy's Tomb (11/14/70)
Son of Frankenstein (11/21/70)
The Raven/Dracula's Daughter (11/28/70)
The Beast with Five Fingers (12/5/70)
The Mummy's Curse/Cry of the Werewolf (12/12/70)
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (12/19/70)
The Return of Doctor X (12/26/70)
Return of the Fly (1/2/71)
Horror Hotel/The Human Monster (1/9/71)
The Mask of Fu Manchu (1/16/71)
Return of the Ape Man/The Undying Monster (1/23/71)
Bride of the Monster/The Unknown Terror (1/30/71)
House of Frankenstein/The Vampire's Ghost (2/5/71)
House of Dracula/The Lady and the Monster (2/13/71)
Dracula/The Mummy's Ghost (2/20/71)
The Mummy/Bluebeard (3/6/71)
The Wolf Man/Chamber of Horrors (3/13/71)
Mark of the Vampire/She-Wolf of London (3/20/71)
Werewolf of London/The Devil's Messenger (3/27/71)
Son of Frankenstein (4/3/71)
The Raven/The Return of the Vampire (4/10/71)
Dracula's Daughter/Son of Dracula (4/17/71)
The Lodger/The Black Pit of Dr. M (4/24/71)
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man/Cry of the Werewolf (5/1/71)
Castle of Evil (5/8/71)
The Mummy's Hand/The Mummy's Curse (5/15/71)
The Ghost of Frankenstein (5/22/71)
The Awful Dr. Orloff (5/29/71)
House of Dracula/Dr. Renault's Secret (6/5/71)
Mr. Sardonicus (6/12/71)
The Mummy's Tomb/Devil Bat's Daughter (6/19/71)
Horror Hotel (6/26/71)
Gammera (7/3/71)
The Mask of Fu Manchu/Return of the Ape Man (7/10/71)
The Vampire's Ghost/Bride of the Monster (7/17/71)
The Undying Monster/The Human Monster (7/31/71)

*This is as complete a list as I could find for this program on the web.  If you have a more complete list, please email me.  Thanks!

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