Halloween Decorations "To Do" List

This is what's on my "to do" list.  Whenever I think of a cool project, I add to this actual, literal "to do" list.  The following are brief descriptions of what I want to do along with a few (sometimes cryptic) notes about how I want to accomplish it.  Projects are sometimes grouped into general categories that include multiple separate projects, just because I think of them as one big thing once they're all assembled.

This page is set up into three overlapping categories: General projects, specific projects, and house projects.  I could try to reorganize the page at some point, but there's no obvious struction to this list, sorry.

General projects

Things under this heading aren't really specific enough to work on as just "one thing."  It's either lists of ideas or broad areas that encompass more than one project.


Fence (Addams Family-style fence with finials)



Animals and Other Creatures

This is just a collection of creatures I want to buy or build.

Animatronic Projects

Some of these might fit into other categories, but basically they're a bunch of projects that require a motor (usually a windshield wiper motor) or pneumatics to activate them.

Party Ideas

Misc. Decor Ideas

Window Ideas

Specific Projects

This section gets less general.  There are projects I would like to build or even have already started building.

Radiation Barrels

Grandfather Clock

Three Witches

Jack o'lantern people

Attic Monster

I have an attic entrance at the top of my stairs, and I've always wanted to come up with a way to have something (a werewolf, for example) emerge from there.  It would be a major project that I would only use during parties, but I enjoy the challenge of figuring out a design that doesn't rely on computer-controlled mechanisms.

Cut-out Silhouettes for Small Windows

I wanted to make these for the ten small windows across the large windows at the front of our old house.  The plan was to make these with a band saw, but we moved to the big house before I got around to them.

Iron Gibbet Cage

Cage with skeleton inside, much like the Aurora "Hanging Cage" model kit.

8x10 Portraits of "Halloween greats"

I already have a decent poster collection around the house, but I wanted photos of prominent (or even lesser-known but deserving) figures in the Halloween "industry" (More detail about them can be found on my page about "The People Who Make Halloween").  My plan was to have different groupings in different areas of the house.  For example, I would have photos of Horror Hosts grouped together with the '50s sci-fi posters in the breakfast room.

Horror Hosts:

Horror Directors/Writers:

Classic Horror Actors:

Special Effects/Make-up Artists:

Pop Horror Characters:

Science Equipment

I always wanted to flesh out a mad scientist lab with equipment reminiscent of Dr. Frankenstein's castle.  Props like that are a staple of B-movies and even appear in toys/models such as Aurora's classic Gruesome Goodies (part of the Monster Scenes line).
See here: http://www.megahobby.com/113monsterscenegruesomegoodies.aspx

Classic Paintings with Glowing Eyes

I have always wanted to take classic art and modify it in creepy ways.  Originally I planned to do it with fluorescent paint (with a blacklight and maybe chromodepth for 3D effects), but that masks the original works making them unrecognizable.  Instead, I plan to get classic paintings and add glowing (LED) eyes to each of the following:

Electric Chair

No house is complete without an electric chair in the living room the way the Munsters always had!  I collected several reference photos of real and prop chairs with the intention of drawing up plans.  The following is just a list of materials to get plus thoughts on what it should do.

Monster "Wanted" Posters

Just a kitschy idea I had to put the monsters into "wanted" posters.  I didn't give it much thought though since monster movie posters are pretty easy to come by, and I already have tons of them now.

Featuring the Universal Monsters:

Giant Spider

I know I already have the giant spider we used to put on the roof, but I wanted something more impressive.

Dissonant Windchimes

The idea was to modify a traditional windchime so that it was less harmonious.  For example, instead of a pentatonic scale, maybe have a series of chromatic notes.  This would produce an effect something like a waterphone with the theme from Psycho or the Twilight Zone.

Copper windchime tubes - cut them to make chromatic scale: http://home.fuse.net/engineering/Chimes.htm#Calculate_your_own

HP Lovecraft Theme

My favorite horror writer is HP Lovecraft.  Although his work doesn't easily lend itself to family costumes, I thought about doing our already "historic" house up with elements from some of his stories.

Horror Library: Real and Fake Books

I already have something of a Halloween library going on already, but I wanted to add to it and make enough books and other props to have part of my house look like the set of a Hammer film or a horror host's set.

Real books

Fake books (blocks of wood covered with leather and labeled to look like old books):

Place these on shelf full of skulls, potions, etc.

Horror Movie Artifacts

I already had the movie posters for many of these films, so I got the idea to pair them with a prop or "artifact" from each of their respective movies.  My plan was to have a small display that put the poster next to the prop, something I've seen collectors do with premium action figures.  Here are some example pairings:

Little Free Library

Make a curbside library shaped like a coffin or haunted house filled with horror novels:

Based on this: http://www.littlefreelibrary.org/

Some example works/authors that might be included:

House ideas

This final section is a list of ideas specific to certain rooms in my house.  See also the decorations on the main page.  I have galleries showing what we did in previous years in most rooms in both the old and new houses.

Living room ideas
Fireplace Ideas (Yes, this is in the living room)

Breakfast Area Ideas (Mad Scientist Lab):
Note: These are extensions of the Mad Scientist Lab I do every year.

Kitchen Ideas

Stairway Ideas

Baby's Room Ideas

Alternatively: Chromodepth Nursery

Bathroom/tub Ideas

Bedroom Ideas

Laundry room Ideas

Exterior Ideas


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