Costumes We Never Did

There are loads of costume ideas we considered and immediately discarded, but there are few that are ones that were on the drawing board that we never got around to.  Here are some of the ones that stand out.

Hellraiser: Pinhead and female Cenobite - Dani vetoed this one every year, but I used to bring it up anyway every time we talked about costumes.  I started talking about this literally the first Halloween we were together, long before I started completely shaving my head.  I doubt I could ever talk Dani into shaving hers though.

Raggedy Ann and Andy - I vetoed this one every year, but Dani used to bring it up anyway every time we talked about costumes.  I didn't like the idea of us playing brother and sister, but also I just don't know anything about the characters, so it just doesn't resonate with me the way almost every other costume choice has.  Dani has suggested this one for the kids now, but there's just too big an age difference for it to work, never mind trying to get Stan to play the part.

Grandpa Munster - It would have been perfect.  It just made sense to have Grandpa round out the Munster family in 2012 when we dressed the part (Yes, I know Grandpa Munster is from Lily's side of the family, but whatever).  Unfortunately, my dad was reluctant to travel to Texas to join us.  Ironically, he ended up coming up anyway after having a bad fall, and I took care of him for several months, starting right before Halloween night... for which he was dressed up as an accident victim.  He had two black eyes and a bandaged forehead from his fall, but I'm sure the Trick or Treaters assumed it was all make-up.

Schrodinger's Halloween - Leading up to Halloween of 2012, we were planning to have a 2nd baby.  Of course, we didn't know when Dani might get pregnant.  It took a few months longer than expected, but I had plans written out well in advance for all contingencies.
If pregnant: Aliens... Ripley vs. Alien & Face-hugger (or Space Marine?) - The idea was to have Dani as Ripley looking very "infected" by an Alien, that way we'd incorporate the pregnancy in a humorous way.  I was going be the Alien, of course, having "infected" her and all.  Stan could have been a space marine, but I thought a face hugger would have been funnier if he was willing to go along with it.

If not very pregnant: Frankenstein and Bride & Igor or Dr. Frankenstein - If Dani wasn't showing much, then I figured we could disguise her "bump" in a Bride of Frankenstein costume.  This Halloween coincided with Stan becoming obsessed with Universal monster movies, which we watched every Saturday night on Svengoolie during this time.  Of course, the idea of the Universal monsters gradually evolved into the realization that we were basically copying the Munster family (I believe Stan started talking about being a werewolf or Wolf Man around this time already), and it just made sense, what with this being the last Halloween he'd be an only child.

If we have a boy: Wizard of Oz - There are a lot of 3:1 boy:girl teams (e.g., Fantastic Four, Peter Pan with Wendy and her brothers, etc.), so I thought it would be fun to go as Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and cowardly Lion.  But the new baby turned out to be a girl (thankfully!), so that was never an option in the end.

If we have a girl: Scooby - We actually did get to go this route the following year when we had Stellma.  See that gallery here.


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