Current Events Costumes

This is more like a trip down memory lane than "current events."  It's hard to make a list because all things are "current events" at some point in time.  I'm thinking here of costumes that inspired by the headlines of the day.  Here are a few we've seen...

Election year candidates - These are always popular because they're on during the news, the talk shows, then the commercials in-between making themselves easy to caricature.

Mark Folley - Disgraced Republican representative from Florida who resigned after being outted as a serial flirt with congressional pages.

Princess Eugenie of York and Princess Beatrice of York - Famous for their hats at the wedding of the prince and her royal hotness Kate Middleton.

Lisa Nowak - Former astronaut famous for wearing diapers on the trip to kill her romantic rival.

Johnny Hoogerland - I didn't do it but last year I thought of going as Johnny Hoogerland (Tour de France 2011) in a pair of shredded cycling shorts with fake scars. Would have been great if I was willing to buy one of his team jerseys (they are for sale) but I wasn't up to spending the money and ruining a good pair of shorts.  (Submitted by Mark Shackelford.)

Lance Armstrong - Disgraced cyclist who apparently did not repeatedly win the Tour de France.

Pop culture
Facebook - Lots of variations on this: The profile page and the Like button in particular.  Other sites have been parodied as well, whatever was popular at the time: MySpace, Twitter, etc.

Sigfried & Roy - A few years ago, shortly after Roy (Sigfried & Roy) was attacked by one of their big cats, a customer came in on Halloween in a longtail tux with a little stuffed white tiger on his shoulder and blood all over his shirt. I didn't get it until he turned around and I saw "Roy" spelled out with studs on the back of his coat. It was disgustingly irreverent and hillarious as ever - I laughed for days.  (Submitted by Mark Shackelford.)

Super heroes - These have become big since the movies started being blockbusters (which they only occasionally were when I was a kid, though that was pretty much just Batman and Superman).

Heath Ledger's Joker - It was a headline-making performance.  I saw tons of these.  Interestingly, the year the movie premiered, about a third of them were him in his usual outfit.  The other two-thirds were in the nurse uniform.  Everyone went with the unexpected so that you were surprised when someone wasn't wearing that version of the character.

Michael Jackson - Already a perpetual favorite, the year he died we saw a lot of him.  Surprisingly, there weren't a lot of zombie Michaels.  Too soon?


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