Chronology of Halloween Decorations

I should probably add some of the decorations I bought as well, since many of them feature prominently in my yard or inside the house, but these are the ones Dani and I built.


Our first year in our own house together.

Enter At Your Own Risk! sign
The roof spiders


We got married in October, so all our focus was on the wedding leading up to this. 

Fogger cooler
The Undead


Our first Halloween party.  I wanted to add as many things outside as possible as well as getting decorated inside.  We got the Halloween Clock done early in the year, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten it done in time.

A Shining typewriter
Fridge drawings of a disturbed mind
Haunted TVs
Deadwood trees
Haunted fencing (lots more in '11, then '12)
Haunted house shutters
The Halloween Countdown Clock (actually started painting this in late '07)


Stan was born!  You would think that this would have slowed us down, but it actually had the opposite effect.  Dani was home on maternity leave, so we had about 90 days of time to work on things leading almost right up to Halloween.  This may be the most productive year I've ever had, and so far I always cite this as the best Halloween we've ever had in part because of this.

Angels and Demons
Blacklight banks
Glowing skulls
Halloween Jack
Hanging ghosts
Pumpkin light string
Santa O'lantern


The Sci-fi year.  I completely switched gears away from the supernatural stuff.  We even dressed up as the Conehead family to tie it all together with the flying saucer in the front yard.

Area 52 and 1/2 sign
UFO crash!
Planetarium room
Mad scientist lab
Jacob's Ladder
Crime scene photos


We bought the new house, but we spent the months around Halloween renovating it.  We didn't have a Halloween party that year because we had already moved most Halloween things over to the new place but we were still living in the old house.  However, I built a lot of things in anticipation of it.

3D gravestones - I wanted to take advantage of the much bigger yard, so I built a whole bunch of these between home renovation projects.

Flicker circuits - I didn't actually use any of these on this particular year, but we got a start at having them ready.

More Haunted fencing - We had a much, much bigger yard, so I needed more than double all the fencing I started out with.


Our first year in the new house.  Resumed having parties, so I got the movie posters.  However, I really didn't do as much decorating as I would have liked.  We were still doing a lot of projects around the house and just getting things unpacked, so we put off decorating until the last minute, and didn't build anything significant.  (I don't have webpages showing off any of this as of this writing.)

Hangman's noose - Something to string up the skeleton.

Movie posters

Light(ning) organ

Still more Haunted fencing (enough to cover the side of the property inside of just the front).

Jack o'lanterns - Got two big ones.


Stella was born!  She was our focus, so we really didn't build anything new for the year; I just bought a few things or expanded on existing ones.

Antique wheelchair - We had this set up with a skeleton in it both at the Halloween party and on Halloween night.

Crank ghost - Finally got this up and running.  I built this in '11 but didn't have time to put it up.  I put it up in '12, but I didn't get it running very well, and it actually crashed out on Halloween night.  It wasn't until this year that I had it running for about twelve days leading up to Halloween.

More flicker circuits - So I would have more for the Jack o'lanterns.

Jack o'lanterns - Had the two big ones plus another eight in the front yard on flicker circuits.

Monster Cereals boxes - I added these to go with the other posters.


Improved gravestones - The 3D gravestones were weathered (via airbrushing) and "engraved" with the names of several Halloween greats like Vampira, Edgar Allan Poe, Vincent Price, and so on.

Halloween curtains - These are black shredded curtains I made one December night to put in the windows that didn't feature other monsters.  Unfortunately, they got lost among all the other projects.

Still more Haunted fencing!  I made two more sections this year.  We now have 17 sections of fence!  This is finally enough to go all the way around the edges of the property without skrimping or cutting corners like I did before.

Hanging skeleton - It's a minor thing, but I installed a little hook up on the side of the house to hang a skeleton from a noose, then made a spotlight holder to illuminate it.

Black cat toilet paper holder - Like the "Angels and Demons" statues, I repurposed a rustic craft project into something better suited to Halloween.

Rocky Horror flag - Dani started making this back in '08, but then it got tucked away in a project box and was forgotten about.  Finally got it finished and up this year.

Revised crank ghost - I wanted a more realistic "ghost" with real arms and a torso to "flesh out" (though there won't be any flesh) the ghost rather than having just a sheet.  I also tried it with a larger motor, but then went back to the original one with plans to use the new motor for something different.

Light in tv - Much like the previous attempts at making the haunted tvs, but with a string of blinking/fading color-changing LED lights rather than using battery-operated pumpkin lights.

Grave hands - Hands reaching from the graves.  I wanted to do custom versions (i.e., made from riberglass resin from molds), but we just went with cheap glowing hands.

Flicker Jack o'lanters - Dani and I got an assembly line going and made flicker circuits out of all the lights in each of the jack o'lanterns I put in the yard.

Halloween pictures - I finally got around to decorating the stairway with several dozen portraits of all our past Halloweens from 2003 to present.

This was one of our busiest years due to moving my dad into his house, getting him settled in, etc. (far too much to detail here), so my and Dani's respective costumes were store-bought.  She only made costumes for the kids, and even those were relatively simplified.  Dani was out of town at a conference in the weeks leading up to Halloween, so we didn't have a party, didn't decorate almost at all, or much else.  Instead we concentrated on other Halloween-related things like going to haunted houses to make it up to the kids.  We did buy a lot of things for next year though.

Flicker Jack o'lanters - Dani and I made quite a few more circuits so that all of them flickered independently this year rather than several Jack o'lanterns going through a shared circuit.

Same story as last year.  Occupied with dealing with Dad and also doing serious rennovations to the outside of the house.  No new decorations, just revisions of previous projects: different arrangements, touch-ups, etc.

What's next?

Radiation barrels - I have yet to put these out even though I bought them '09 and painted them the next year.

Knife switch - I started these in '10, but it kept getting put away in my project box for years.  It seems that I never had a drill handy to finish putting it together.

Lights for luminaria - Similar to the above, only I'm looking to replace candles.

Bedroom eyes - A "wall of eyes" for our bedroom bay windows.

Halloween Jack 2.0 - I want to upgrade him to be a 3D monster instead of just a head and arms.

New Halloween fence - A more gothic version I have in mind to replace the rustic one I always do.

Obelisk gravestone - Something else more sophisticated to round out the graveyard.


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