Stan's First Halloween!

I mention this on the costume page for this year, but the first thing I did when Dani told me she was pregnant was mentally calculate how old (s?)he'd be on Halloween.  True story.

The costume choice was almost a given.  I had other ideas, but we were short on time, what with getting the nursery painted and all that.  This was a relatively easy idea, and one you can only get away with when your family has this particular configuration.  Stan will be walking next year, so Swee'Pea wasn't going to be an option for a 15 month-old.

Photo at left courtesy of Darren Copeland.  (Taken at Liz's party.  Ignore the watermark; I batch resized this among the lot from that night.).

What do you do when your family grows?  We've moved past couples costumes, and all of a sudden a whole world of possibility opened up.  With the arrival of Stan, I have ideas through 2011, in case you're wondering.  Here's the first year of our family of three.


We got asked this a lot, so I looked it up: Swee'Pea is not Popeye's son, but his actual parentage depends on which incarnation you go by.  According to Wikipedia, the story is different depending on whether you read the comic strip, watch the cartoons, or go by the version in the Altman/Williams movie.

In any case, the character is designed to be something of a combination of the two characters just as though Popeye and Olive were his two parents.  His skipper's hat is Popeye's in miniature while his nightie mirrors Olive's red long-sleeve shirt with white trim.

Unfortunately, this is not the most convenient costume to change diapers in.

Playing dress-up
Look at those cheeks!  You'd think we fed him a diet of nothing but candy.

This look is just hilarious.  I'm not sure what prompted it since he was happy in the dozen pictures preceding this shot.  Maybe he decided he didn't like wearing his "spooky" shirt.

This was taken in the middle of September when we were just getting the Halloween decorations all unpacked.  Dani bought this and another hat on sale the year before.  That's right, before Stan had even been conceived.

We never thought about it at the time we were buying them, but dog costumes are sometimes exactly the right size for youngsters.

I think he liked this outfit more than the foster dogs we originally bought it for.

Here's another dog costume.

Rear view of his wings and tail.

This is literally the first thing he would grin and laugh at consistently.  It's a $1 glittery jack-o-lantern cut-out I showed him in Joann's back in mid-September when we were shopping for costume materials.  He giggled at it repeatedly.  This was when he was right on the cusp of developing a personality, so I bought it and showed it to him whenever we wanted a grin.

Halloween portraits
I wanted to get some Halloween portraits of Stan, so we set him up on the trundle bed in his room with a white sheet taped up to the walls and surrounded him with some Halloween props, including this pumpkin Dani bought on a whim from the grocery.

I ended up using this picture for our Halloween party invite.  Actually, it was the "reminder" I always send about a week before.  The caption read

He couldn't even sit up properly at this stage.  We propped him up with pillows and the pumpkin.  It didn't always work, obviously.

Silly kid.

Uh, what's that?  (Mom is trying to tease him with it to get a smile.)

He'd have lice if this bird was real.

The pumpkin went on to be carved up as our Santa O'Lantern.

We tried a few other poses, but he usually required a lot of support.  You can see that, by the end of it, our backdrop was already starting to come down.

Our Stan-tastic Halloween Party
Our first picture together (courtesy of Katie) in full costume at our 2009 Halloween party.  We actually called it the "Stan-tastic Halloween Party" on the invite, as you can read above.

Best costume of the night was Bill who actually dressed up as Stan... who obviously did not find imitation to be the most sincere form of flattery, judging by the look in this picture.

I carried a camera around all night while Dani carried Stan.

Candy Corn 
I couldn't resist the idea of putting the sweet little guy among a sampling of all the sweet candy donated by our party guests this year.

He was in a cranky mood the night I did this (the night after our Halloween party), so I had to give up on any more shots as soon as he started waking up and grumbling.

A visit to the Munster Mansion
The Friday night before Halloween, I took Dani on a surprise trip to the Munster Mansion in Waxahatchie.  It's a relatively little-known fact that there is a home built to resemble the Munster's home in the '60s tv show, both inside and out!

Proceeds from the price of admission to the festivities go to a local charity, a different one every year that the home owners (the McKees) give tours.

It's more than just a home tour though.  There's a costume contest for the kids, replica cars on display, the McKees and friends dressed up as the Munster family, and even celebrity guests.  (More about that in a sec!)

Clearly Stan was enthralled with the Dragula hotrod.

Stan meets Grandpa Munster.

We bundled him up since it was a chilly night.  Of course, he had lots of baby fat to keep him warm.

I'm sure this was all a blur for him that he'll never remember, but it was a great experience for us having our first Halloween as a family of three.

It should be illegal for Lilly/Sandra to look this hot while holding a baby.

And my neighbors think we're the nuttiest family.

From the cradle to the grave(yard).

They have the same expression on their face.

My goofy grin and Stan's ambivalence just sum up the evening.

Stan also got to meet Pat Priest who played Marilyn through most of the Munsters tv series.

Giving out candy to Trick or Treaters
Naturally we gave out candy to the Trick or Treaters from our front porch.

I love how Stan has the appropriately satanic demon eyes couched in a look of complete innocence.

Naturally he wasn't terribly impressed with sitting around while all the neighborhood kids paraded past.

But Swee'pea was sweeter than candy.

Liz's Halloween Party
After giving out candy to the Trick or Treaters, we went to Liz's party. 

Stan hasn't yet developed a taste for margaritas.  (No, we didn't really!)

Dude!  I can't believe you passed out at the party when this hot babe was all over you!

Marilyn (I forgot her real name) thought he was a prop when we got there.  Poor guy was already pretty worn out from the Trick or Treaters.  People were shocked to find just how authentic our collective costume was!

Sure, it was long past his bedtime, but Stan can sleep anywhere!

He'll fight to the finish 'cause he drinks his formula!

Photo courtesy of Marcie.

He was pooped out by the time we got home that night.  Ironically, this would normally be around the time he'd wake us up and say what's up?

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Copyright 2009 the Ale[x]orcist.  Thanks to Darren Copeland for the portrait, Marcie for the pics she took at Liz's party, and Katie for the pics at our party.