A Gallery of Images from Scooby Doo Where Are You?

I love the art and design in this show.  It's really under-appreciated for its style, which is natually over-shadowed by such iconic characters and a winning (if over-used) formula.  I assembled galleries of screen-captures from each episode to showcase the art of the series.  BEWARE OF SPOILERS!  Inevitably, there are plot points (including the big reveal at the end) in these images.

Episode 1-01:What a Night for a Knight
Villains: The Black Knight

More Scooby backgrounds!

In addition to all the other episode galleries I posted on this site, check out this page:

Note how several of these reference other art.  For example, one graphic of a chained skeleton is something of an homage to the Forgotten Prisoner, one of the original Aurora monsters.  Additionally (and even more obviously!), the background of the laboratory features science equipment highly reminiscent of that found in the Pain Parlor and Gruesome Goodies model kits.  Note the choice of colors even!


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