Alexploring Scarborough Fair 2008, Part VIII

Continuing where we left off...
Why he left these moves out of that viral "history of dance" video I'll never understand.

Not exactly Little Red Riding Hood.  Still, it's a good start.

Holding out for months after Kiera moved on, Capt'n Jack finally found a slump buster.

When you realize the peasants lacked even basic cable, games like "how many marbles can you stick up your nose?" were not so hard to fathom.

And thusly was the sex we call a three-way first conceived!

This early incarnation of the Joker and Harley Quinn was rejected shortly after Heath Ledger got the part.

Although Jimi Hendrix would be given all the credit for it centuries after the fact, he certainly wasn't the first to play a stringed instrument with his teeth.

The look says, "Tell me the kind of bedtime story that will give me nightmares, Daddy."

Sadly, Spinal Tap's core fanbase saw yet another year without a reunion.

One wouldn't think a piece of meat could be found guilty of heresy, but there you have it.

And then there's macaroni and cheese on a stick.  Which is fried, of course.

How the hell did humanity last this long?

Girls of the day made guys jump through hoops to get into their hoop skirts.

Putting the cart before the horse was the order of the day.

The evolution of drumming.

Doesn't look like he could kill millions, but this is the lead guitarist for the band oft-referenced in history texts as The Black Death.

I can spot swingers in any century, but especially ones from the 1980s.

Again, the concept of Charlie's Angels had to wait for fashions to catch up before the show was a "sure thing."

On the other hand, some things never change, although it is odd that the lesson is delivered by a mom in a wife-beater.

Send out an Amber alert, this kid's lost... his pants!

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