Alexploring Scarborough Fair 2008, Part VII

Continuing where we left off...
The nun musical act never cracked Mtv's airwaves on account of the fact that their ukulele showed more curves than they did beneath their habits.

Scarborough's answer to the Power Puff Girls.

According to popular legend, once you kiss a frog, he's supposed to turn into a prince, not a member of Prince's Revolution.

That little bag better be holding some incredibly sexy lingerie to counteract the effect of the rest of those outfits on my lance.

"No, as long as the wind keeps up like this, none of it will get caught up in the chainmail."

Only women were allow onstage during the Middle Ages, but this changed when it was realized the absence of the fairer sex made for far less interesting wet t-shirt contests.

Best.  Costume.  Ever.

The green team ignored even offers of a free pint from anyone who couldn't be bothered to wear precisely their color.

It took centuries of refinement before the characters of Starsky and Hutch were ready for a primetime audience.

An important trend in technology through the ages has been the miniaturization of everything from musical instruments to whatever video game Mario here sprung from.

"Hey, you're looking for booty?  I got some right here!"

Illiteracy being what it was during this time in history, many couples took turns sounding words out of whatever letters they knew between the two of them.

Just think: There's another one exactly like it on the other side of the flower.

Some witches are good,
Some witches are bad.
Some witches are hefty,
Some witches like plaid.

Before the invention of dryer sheets, you really never knew just what your skirt was going to pick up by the end of the day.

Okay, which of these three is this costume the least appropriate for?

"Chong?  No, man.  I'm solo now."

I don't know who the dj was at this rave, but absolutely nothing had a beat to it.

Travolta and Thurman recreate their famous routine from Pulp Fiction.

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