Alexploring Scarborough Fair 2008, Part VI

Continuing where we left off...
"My name is not Inigo Montoya, so I am preparing to die, okay?"

It took until the invention of the internal combustion engine for the Hell's Angels to be perceived as even the least bit menacing.

The original version of the "Barrel of Monkeys" game was a bit different than the one you grew up with.

It may take more than a few ales to get over her looks, but she's one hell of a kisser, folks!

There ought to be a cutoff on just how much belly a belly dancer gets to have.

Loot under his arm and lute over it.

Through rain, snow, sleet, and hail... well, okay, rust will stop these men of mail.

Erin is one of the more tolerant people I know, but even she is creeped out being this close to furries.

Someone misunderstood warnings about the king's reign.

It says "Lords," but he's wearing a skirt fer cryin' out loud!

Where is this Nacho Libre fellow?  We'd like a word with him.

Around this dawning of spring, it is not uncommon to find some patrons looking for a quiet place to settle down and molt their carapace as the growing season begins.

Fairy tails are happy endings indeed.

Too late to spot the ninja hidden in plain sight, Scarborough's population just declined by one.

"Bitch, my guitar has six of those, so there!"

"I'm not putting on the shoes since they're the last thing Pat Benatar would wear with these tights."

Long story, but to sum it up: If you're a forest nymph and you want to play hard to get with Asian dudes, don't use a math riddle as your gatekeeper or they'll be taking you to the nearest tent to be used like the only cabin boy on a pirate ship.

Some gals with the mega-boustier opted for a flower.  The inverse of this equation is a little bit overwhelming for different reasons entirely.

I'd love to hear what soundtrack clicked on in her head the second she heard the shutter click on my camera.  There was so much hamming going on from that point that it wasn't even remotely kosher.

After pretzels were implicated in heart disease and high blood pressure, they were paraded around the town square and humiliated by having recommended daily allowances of rotten fruits and vegetables thrown at them.

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