Alexploring Scarborough Fair 2008, Part V

Continuing where we left off...
And who knows witch is witch and who is who?

If she were a real princess, she'd never be able to stand walking on all the pea gravel.

"Yeah, I think they sell fresh do-rags over thataway."

Giving Neil Diamond a run for his money.

"Don't worry.  Some girls develop faster than others.  Yours will sprout eventually."

I didn't take a picture of it, but my bird stood at attention as well.

The forgotten heroes behind the glory of the dragonriders: The ground crew.

"Maybe now isn't a good time to tell my parents about the baby what with you packing a sword and tanked up on as much ale as you've swilled."

Worse even than highway robbery, carriage-jacking was a common occurrence in these parts.

He can actually see all the way into the future.

They have no idea what magic beans are, but what early-pubescent male wouldn't buy anything from her?

WENCH #1: That one's got a tight butt.

WENCH #2: Meh.  Hard to tell in that suit of armor.

"And then he told me how they make Scotch eggs and I 'bout freakin' hurled, man."

GUARD: Where are we going again, m'lady?

QUEEN: Off to the head!

"Girl, you should really put some lotion on so you'll stay pasty enough to fit into this really, really white people thing!"

"This fair's too hot; this fair's too cold.  There's just no pleasing you, is there, Goldilocks?"

If you aren't proficient with the flowery language of the day, just keep your big mouth shut.

Shown actual size.

Sans garlic, silver, or wolfsbane, all we had to protect us was Erin's tambourine.

Run!  It's Paris Hilton!

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