Alexploring Scarborough Fair 2008, Part IV

Continuing where we left off...
"Hello, Dominos?  Can you send a historically accurate pizza to the middle of the Renaissance?  And make it snappy before anyone catches me breaking character by talking on a cell phone."

"Let's play a game where we club one another over the head and see who loses consciousness first."


If I had to recast Star Wars, I'd start with these two.

The conversation on the phone the night before went something like this:

COUPLE #1:  You gonna dress up this year?

COUPLE #2:  I don't know.  You?

COUPLE #1:  I don't know.  You?

COUPLE #2:  Maybe.

If you're going... to San Francisco...

This Swiss Army character would like you to know he's versatile, but not a tool.

Neither parent wanted to claim the little iconoclast as their own, but they brought her along anyway because we're a family damnit!

I have no caption for fear he will eat me.

"Sorry, dear, but I'm afraid we're going to loose the kingdom to creditors if we don't start selling advertising space on those."

Legolas leaps into the fray!

The most awe-inspiring jig it wasn't.


The visual representation of a Mad Libs I did a few years ago.

"Dammit!  I didn't make it on Blackwell's Worst Dressed list again!"

By medieval measures, she's just about middle-aged herself.

They call her Sideshow Boob.

Band on the run.

Project Run(a)way turns wayward orphans into snotty little princesses.

"Let's grab a turkey leg while I gets me land legs, matey."

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