Alexploring Scarborough Fair 2008, Part III

Continuing where we left off...
Sir Grimace.

"You're what?  Like hell!  Get your own tights, mister!"

Erin's.  But they could be yours...

...Officially single as of May 15, 2008.

Oh, I've read this one.  Bye, bye little girl...  Thanks, Mr. Woodsman!

"Hello, Mel?  A sequel, yeah?  Awesome!  I'm there, mate!"

Captain Morgan was back this year.  He was having lunch at the table next to us because if there was an expert to be found on not drinking on an empty stomach, that'd be him.

And thus was the world's remaining stockpiles of purple crushed velvet depleted.

Tryouts for the live productions of Shrek and Toy Story were held nearby.  Apparently.

Saturn isn't my favorite planet, but it would be worse if she had her head in Uranus.

The purpose of covered bridges eludes me.  So you don't get sunstroke and fall unconscious and block traffic on your way across the span?

Unlike virtually any other time in history the Fair celebrates, actual crossbows were prohibited while cross-dressing was at the very least tacitly encouraged.

"Alls you gotta do is just walk this ring up to the volcano and toss it in, see?  No big deal."

Witness the birth of a wrestling persona!

There are tit men. 

There are ass men. 

And then there are wing men.

Halloween was centuries away, yes, but here come the Goth kids!

"You are getting very nerdy."

Fat people wearing black is the denial we see in Michael Jackson not being black.

Only the one on the left is animatronic.  Or the right.  I forget.

Shanna considers the possibility of that much facial hair going down on her.

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