Alexploring Scarborough Fair 2008
Returning to the Renaissance, I (Renaissance man from the future) and Erin (total Ren-slut) met up with Shanna and her friend Kelly to shop, eat, drink, and take pictures with which to make the web merry.

Fellow time-traveler Elvis Costello realized almost immediately that he had gotten off at the wrong stop.

Yes, much like anime, but with few exceptions white girls have like serious more cleavage.

Red, black, and white is all right.  It's red, black, and yellow that's venomous*.

*For those outside the southwestern US: Local herpetological mnemonic.

When approaching a Magic Mirror, it is always a good idea to have a full quiver of... what's this?  Roses?  What sorcery is this?!

More than just a morality play about the dangers of Viagra, this tragic tale of attempting a love affair with a wood nymph will not be soon forgotten.

I hope roaming charges don't apply just because we're pretending we're in medieval Europe.

Perhaps a bit more clumsy and unwieldy than, say, pepper spray, but swords make for more interesting women's self-defense classes.

As far as putting your faith in mythologies, I think Superman is the one that has the best record as far as genocidal tendencies go.

You'd never be able to tell from this distance, but the whole Fair was constructed by someone with a lot of time, a lot of glue, a lot of popsicle sticks, and practically no remaining pancreas.

What happens in the 16th century... should have stayed in the 16th century.

In an obvious attempt to appeal to the gay leather demographic, there was an abundance of stage shows involving whips and chain smokers.

With all the corsets and push-ups, even mine were blue by the end of the day.

Poker was just as popular back then as it has been in recent years.

The conversation on the phone the night before went something like this:

HER:  Wear something green so we'll match.

HIM:  Okay.

She went ahead and married him since by divine right he couldn't help but grow into his father's crown.

You usually find the sheep on the other side of a Scotsman.

You never even noticed the lack of cleavage, did you?  See?  It worked.

Contrasting sitting styles between the trenchcoat vs. kilt crowd.

A Texan Bandito in King Arthur's court.

People say I have a Peter Pan complex, but if wanting to flit about with something like this is wrong, then let me be guilty.

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