Alexploring Scarborough Fair 2008, Part VII

Continuing where we left off...

Looks like someone already got medieval on that ass.

The Royal Shakespeare Company proudly presents Scent of a Woman.

Having narcolepsy and friends with a tattoo needle probably isn't a good combination.

"OMG!  Look at those tights... You can totally tell that guy's religion!"

Always doom and gloom with these two.  Not so much prognostications as general observations.

"Somebody totally upped the bar on looking ridiculous," thinks the winged guy on the left.  "I totally gotta find a new way to get girls' attention."

Faire and balanced.

Babes in the... weeds?

If I read the sign she's holding literally, it's more direct than any ad I've read on Craiglist.

The torturer took first place in the Symmetrical Flogging portion of the day's events.

Ironically, if they'd worn protection, he wouldn't have been born!

They exchanged information, but it took decades to get a settlement out of the insurance company what with everything going through carrier pigeon.

Rather than "powder my nose," the euphemism back then was "water my wreath."

Robin's 'hood, yo.

I have the urge to cough when she does this.

"Excuse me, I have to go.  Somewhere there is a crime happening."

Delivery on foot was only feasible because it was hot as an oven outside.

Bill and Ted's most excellent time-traveling musical history final project.

Leslie takes no prisoners... just heads.

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