Alexploring Scarborough Fair 2008, Part V

Continuing where we left off...

Nah, must be someone else's kid.  Hers wouldn't be so malnourished.

It's the same audience that went to see that Sex and the City movie.

"Goro can be killed.  Shang Tsung's power can be destroyed by mortal men and women.  You can overcome any obstacle, no matter how bizarre their powers may seem.  Only one thing can defeat you...  Your own fear."

Bring out yer dead.

And on the right is "drink no evil."

You can't tell under a dress that long, but she wears the pants in the family.

"I thought this thing came with the premium channels?"

This looks sums it all up: "Yeah, I'm dressed like a dweeb, but I'm having a good time, and, hey, you're picturing me naked, aren't you?!"


"It's people!  Haggis is made out of people!"

"No, I'm not selling cookies.  Why do you ask?"

...Then along came a spider!

Little known fact: The Indigo Girls have been around since before lesbianism was discovered.

Every time a emo boy cuts himself, a goth girl gets her wings.

"Someday our ship's gonna come in.  Just you wait and sea, er... see."

Invisible highway robber mask!

It's a long commute when you live in the 21st century and work in the 14th.

I don't know where she's going, but I envy whomever she's about to rape and pillage.

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