Alexploring Scarborough Fair 2008, Part IV

Continuing where we left off...

"A guy in a skirt?  Where?!"

Screw Harry Potter.  I'm waiting for the installment when he's this old just because Hermione will finally be legal!

Rejection's tough, but, well, technically you're old enough to be his great, great, great, great, great, great, grandmother.

Daring attire will distract from the ugliest mug.  See?  You didn't even notice she was holding one.

"Hello?  My eyes are up here."

Gymnast's uniforms have changed significantly over the centuries.

Poor little piggy.  The odds have turned against him.

More disturbing than Microsoft's animated paperclip.

"Free cabin boys?!  Gotta get me some!"

Sadie Hawkins day goes way, way back.

Heavy metal was born in his blacksmith's shop.

The first rule of Fight Circle is you do not talk about Fight Circle.

"Yeah, I'd like to see you try to get me in a pretzel position."

"Indy was right.  We shouldn't have opened the Ark."

Remember back when U2 was a quieter, simpler band?

"Get behind me son.  These are the whitest people I've ever seen!"

The question is which kind is she reaching for?


When tattoos metastasize...!

Even back in the day hippies were associated with trash.

More LOLs than Lollapalooza.

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