Alexploring Scarborough Fair 2008, Part III

Continuing where we left off...

Avengers Assemble!

After several years of poor harvests, he seemed like a small sacrifice in return for the promise of better yields.

April O'Neil and Casey Jones pose with the Turtles in this preview of the revamped franchise.

"Okay, but if I eat your Scotch egg, what will you eat of mine, hmm?"

Just give it to him already!  If he makes good on that threat, we'll throw up!

The peasants were too poor to come up with a full set of dreds.

"Yes, but supposing I had more impressive facial hair...?"

Techno Pirate regulates.

I don't care if a couple of them want to go their own way.  I still like the Spice Girls.

"The staff meeting will come to order, please."

Historically speaking, "Gang Green" was probably an appropriate name for the company.

"Check," said the guy on the right.

"Okay, people, let's let's keep this historically accurate.  Remember, when in doubt, just think like a Republican."

Speaking of time travel: Dr. Who's past companions summarized.

Fencing.  You're doing it wrong.

Doesn't the third eye make the other two go crossed?

Caution: Robot crossing.

Once again Heath Ledger disappears into character so deeply everyone thinks he's dead.

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