Alexploring Scarborough Fair 2008
Being a glutton for punishment, I time-traveled back to the Fair once more to capture closing day.

Newsflash, shirtless horny guy: The means negate the ends.

"Yes, you're supposed to call us maids."

"Yeah, but we don't do windows."

Alan Moore was right.  A live-action version of The Watchmen can't help but suck.

Other famous drawings from this period include Da Vinci's helicopter.

Sorry.  The sunglasses do not offset the fact you are drenched in Ren Fair.

Let's run a Google Fight on cleavage vs. bib.

"Okay, who wants to be adopted by a couple movie stars who deal with their baggage by accumulating kids with even more of it?"

It's a shocker no matter which fingers are displayed.

"According to the first aid guide, you're supposed to break them off, not pull them out."






Too young to drink legally, these girls are duped into paying to get hammered.

Anything can happen if you've got a long enough runway, enough speed, and some wishful thinking.

OMG!!!  Keanu?

While I am most certainly free to point my camera and laugh, you exempt yourself from that privilege by showing up dressed like that.

This is how they had to multitrack the vocal parts way back when.

Pimpin' "Olde School."

The costumes weren't nearly as flamboyant as other drag shows I've seen.

PROFESSIONAL IN THE WORLD'S OLDEST: "Hey, sailor!  You wanna a date?"

NAIVE SAILOR: "Why, yes.  How about 1886?"

Yeah, but these harps go to 11.

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