Alexploring Scarborough Fair 2007, Part III

Continuing where we left off...
This was perhaps the strangest version of the "Who's on First?" routine I have ever encountered.

Wow.  Slash really let himself go.

While I didn't see anyone burned as a witch, clearly someone on hand was conjuring demons.

Yeah, I know!  I didn't think camels were invented until a couple hundred years ago.

Further evidence of global warming can be found in the fact that where we used to see a snowy covering, now there is the beginnings of greenery.

No, the plan was to dress like you're from the seventeen eighties.

The weather was so nice, he actually came out from beneath the bridge to mingle.

While musically speaking, the Spice Girls were in the Dark Ages, at least their costumes were colorful.

Uh, oh.  Nacho Libre's in trouble now.

Two for one, eh?

Ozzy?  Sharon?

Had Keanu been more convincing in Kenneth Branaugh's Much Ado About Nothing, this is the route the Wachowski brothers originally had in mind for his part in The Matrix.

Even the youngsters were swept into the battle over the right of mothers to dress like the skank in the background.

"Surely you jest," she said upon hearing the most awful of pickup lines in the history of the English language.

Yeah, like Dani's never handled blue balls before.

No, little girl, don't go with him!  Not every story ends with "...happily ever after!"

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