Halloween at Sarah's Place, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
When in Sarah's Place, do as the Romans do.

She absolutely would not believe that Batwoman's character is a lesbian.  Nor would she probably see that as a viable reason to let me watch if she made out with a chick.

"It's not easy having a good time!  Even smiling makes my face ache."

Careful, Alice.  I've read ahead, and you won't like where the story goes from here.

Sarah of Sarah's Place fame decided the Elvis costume was too much and decided to go as Keifer Sutherland in Dark City while some random guy explains that George Sands was actually a woman.

Clearly it was all just a bit much for a casual transvestite to handle.

Oh yeah, well aren't you a bit short to be a princess?

Don't you hate it when vagrants crash a party just for the snacks?

You can totally tell she was about to cannonball into Amy's cleavage.

You thought I was kidding, didn't you?

It was kind of an epidemic, really.

Women are always amazed by how fast men return from the bathroom, but no one beats this guy even if they don't bother to wash their hands.

"My name is... Wait.  Randy, what's muh name again?"

"Check out these 14k gold-plated bracelets I got on QVC!"

It's always a good idea to have Mr. Clean around in case Bob Ross goes nuts and gets paint all over something.  He seems pretty tightly wound, doesn't he?

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