Halloween at Sarah's Place
Amy James, Bobby, and Lori threw a costume at Sarah's place.  Even though they didn't have karaoke that night, I'm there if there's anything Halloween-related going on in the neighborhood.

Even the most casual of pimps has to have a cane, but meeting Elvis could make almost anyone feel under-dressed.

Is there nothing Evel Knieve wouldn't jump?

I was trying to get a shot of the band, but the guy in the foreground absolutely has to be a movie director.  Doesn't he?

That's Bobby as Frank with Dani.  We could have showed up in last year's costumes as Riff and Magenta...

...but Amy already took that position.  Thankfully Steph took over the Raggedy Ann role Dani wants to play every year (which would mean by default I'd have to dress up as Raggedy Andy).

You can't tell because she's in disguise, but that's Mystique pretending to be Lori in a Halloween costume.  If you were one of the X-men, you might well be dead by the time you figured that out.

Something tells me Dog the Bounty Hunter is about to say something really stupid.

In spite of being more amply proportioned than this photo suggests, Angelina chose to bottle-feed her kids.

Kirk and LG didn't even realize it was Halloween.  They just thought the place was a swinger's club and dressed the same as they do most Fridays.

Captain Morgan's here?  And Catwoman?!  This is better than any dream Dorothy could ever have about a magical land of Oz!

Those PETA activists really know how to bring a party down.

Though most of us were too distracted by a couple of Amy James' features to notice at the time, this really was a kick-ass Jessica Rabbit costume.

Hulk's green with envy that the Joker got more laughs.

Hey, it's Wonder (whatever happened to the lead singer of Orgy) Woman.

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