Liz's Halloween Party
Unlike  last year, we actually got pictures of Liz's awesome Halloween party.  Enjoy.

Sally is such a generous creature that she actually brings candy when she goes Trick or Treating.  Okay, we really brought it for Liz.

Me as Jack in Liz's neighbor Barbara's lawn.

Then Barbara showed up and ran me off.  She's a bitch with a "w" as they say.  Okay, no, she was a nanny.

Some of the guests didn't make it past the traps Liz set in her yard on the way to her party.

The flying flaming skulls were my least favorite demons in Doom ][

Captain America was confused about just what kind of mummy a MILF is.

Liz's house is louder than any Halloween costume.  Don't even try and compete.

A good birthday cake idea for a five year-old too, I think.

This was like Dani's ghost of relationships past: The crazy cat lady she was on track to become before she met me.

Even Liz didn't know what the hell she was supposed to be.  Correct answer: A 13 year old boy in a woman's body.  That's the "About Me" on her MySpace, and it's the most truthful profile I've ever read on MySpace.

It was like the fucking History Channel in the back yard.

Cause and effect.

You gotta admire the hours of research that went into arming Zorro with a katana.

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