Liz's Halloween Party, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
A classy group like this calls for breaking out the fancy glassware, obviously.

This year's winning topical costume: The astronaut and that crazy astronaut lady (with diaper and assorted props... and played by a dude).

Rum punch, of course.

Angela went as the papparazi, but zipped up and covered over all her cameras to show support for the Skellingteam.

Joe Dirt has a thing for gypsies.

Uh, oh.  The cereal killer is about to get Boo Berry!

No, he's the Dude.

Love may be blind, but if so, why isn't she the one with the sunglasses?

My singing sounds just so much better in pictures.

Since I have a thing for dominant women in leather, this was the second gun drawn between the two of us.

A boo grahib.  Get it?

See?  There are alternatives to liposuction.

Not everyone had a designated driver, so they just rested in peace.

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