Halloween 2008: Oak Lawn, Part IX

Continuing where we left off...
Yes, I can count.  Now get in that position.

He's more accurately known as Mr. Pee-nut.

The sobriety test will involve making an incision in a straight line.

"Eh, I'm a little burned out on Halloween."

Real men shave as often as their ironically-named beard does her legs.

If he was really the Flash, that's precisely the one thing that wouldn't be covered.

...M! ...C! ...A!

File under boyfriends who think they're too cool to dress up for Halloween.

Nah, I'm going amend that.  Based on the cigarette grip alone, no one's going to buy he's straight.

"Thanks, masked-man.  You get the key to the titties."

The only thing more uncanny than Heath's performance of the Joker is Kristin's impression of Joel Schumacher.

How awesome would it be if she slipped?

It's tough being a fire hazard with all the open flaming around here.

"My kingdom for an open marriage," said King Arthur.

Guess where the seaman came from!

I think their combined age might make them legal.  Anyway, I'd be wearing handcuffs already if the one of the left's accessories work.

Their lips aren't even touching and that's already a pretty big kiss.

This is the second book in that Tolkien series, right?

No, it's okay for them to be out this late.  They're actually close to 180 years old.


Alexplored 10/25/08.  All images and text copyright 2008 Alexplorer.
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