Halloween 2008: Oak Lawn, Part IV

Continuing where we left off...
Not an actual vampire.  I only know this because he showed up on film.

The transition from the convent to the real world is a slow, gradual process made easier with the right chaperones.

You can pick your boyfriend and you can pick your nose, but if you pick your boyfriend's nose, take care not to smudge his lip gloss.

Shoot-out at the Anything Goes Love Triangle.

Screw Chris Nolan.  This is urban crimefighting!

Screw Helen of Troy.  This is the face that launched a thousand ships!

It's summerwear for the summer blockbuster stars... even though it's fall.

Yeah, I like Sinatra and Brando as much as the next guy or doll, but this is the way I'd direct it.

The spinach?  It's 6% alcohol by volume.

Eating out: Fast, cheap, and happy meals.

I found the missing Link!

FAIL!  Go the fuck home and watch it on the internet.

In addition to the ubiquitous Jokers, the missing half of the Brokeback boys really brought Heath Ledger's absence home.

When it comes to Halloween, frankly, I'm glad some folks give a damn.

It takes a Village, people.  (Get it?  Huh, huh?!)

Wear a helmets to avoid head injuries.

What matters is they think they look awesome.

You'd have to fly pretty high to end up somewhere over this rainbow.

Alexplored 10/25/08.  All images and text copyright 2008 Alexplorer.
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