Halloween 2008: Oak Lawn, Part XIX

Continuing where we left off...
By the end of the night, Amy Winehouse was going, "Rehab?  Yes, yes, yes!"

For once the Fashion Police are there when you really need them!

He, uh, just wants his phone call.

"Hey, where'd the other 298 go?"

Mrs. Claus visits some of the outsourced labor that took jobs from the elves.

Thank God we aren't in Kansas anymore!

Here comes second base!

Leather or lace?  Who says you have to decide?

Sign fail.  Looks like a four-way.

And when they're done rubbing together, you can use them to pick up lint.

Mo' hawk!

A mental mind fuck can be nice!

Here's one thing I hope he successfully jumps tonight.

I approve of this incarnation of Charlie's Angels.

No, a little lower.  It isn't slanted enough to the right to compensate for everything else going on in the picture.

Something else they never covered in sex ed.

Sorry, aeronautical engineers.  In this part of town, form always trumps function.

You know what they say about a guy with big stilts and fake monster claws, right?  No?  Me either.

I'm not even going to caption this until I see your reaction.

Alexplored 10/25/08.  All images and text copyright 2008 Alexplorer.
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