Halloween 2008: Oak Lawn, Part XVIII

Continuing where we left off...
Reputation has it that a man in brown has a larger-than-average package.

I can't remember in this situation whether I'm supposed to play dead or make lots of noise and twirl glowsticks.

Having strayed farther from the source material than Dorothy ever did from the Yellow Brick Road, one can't help but wonder if the third from left is supposed to be Toto?

Yeah, it really draws your attention to the headdress.

Shut up.  I liked it.

Don't most Tim Burton movies end something like this?

Watch your sodium and always use condiments sense.

I don't need racing stripes to pick fast women out of the crowd.

Yeah, it'd feel like a hypodermic to the heart if my partner didn't bother to dress up either.

Nice try, but I saw at least a dozen drag queens who were even more decorated.

Another (Snow) white trash family squabble headed for the Jerry Springer Show.

That's how many movies this series made it before it fizzled out like Gozer.

Best part of including Wonder Woman in your fantasies?  She's always equipped with magic bondage accessories.

I should intervene here before he gets involved with someone displaying all the signs that she's frackin' crazy!

"Holy spandex, Supergirl.  You can pinch hard!"

He doesn't need the mask since who's going to remember his face with a girl in a skirt that short?

Check the manual.  I think you have the polarity reversed on your chick magnet.

Some teachers know how to make history interesting.

Conducting strip searches by example.

I can't believe Bette Midler would be associated with something like this.  'Cause, I mean, she's so classy!

Alexplored 10/25/08.  All images and text copyright 2008 Alexplorer.
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