Halloween 2008: Oak Lawn, Part XII

Continuing where we left off...
"Dammit, what'd I do with my sidekick?"

She's gesturing at the paradoxically-named happy trail of tears.

Cat ears with a brown suede jacket?  Dude, any more cheese and you'll cock-block yourself!

Caption now available in glorious orange neon.

Cat nip = pussy magnet, Part II.

Aren't you a little short to be a Dark Lord of the Sith?

From an alternate timeline in which Disney got hold of the script to Donnie Darko.

These two go together like CORNDOGS & NACHOS.

I think he's at a rally imPalin' his chances on a grab for Hillary supporters.

Classic ambiguously gay tv characters of the '60s, Part III.

...mainly to squeeze the bullshit dogma out of them.


A cold beer against your privates?  That's a real Thriller.

Hairy Potter?

On backwards day, the fan dancers perform fully-clothed and give audience members tips from their roll of cash.

With the premise of a blind pimp, only hilarity can follow.

Best in Show.

"Hi.  Could you send a coffin to pick me up?  I can feel dawn approaching."

The Log Cabin Republicans finally settled on a uniform.  But, Glenn, the barbed wire tattoo?  Fucking brilliant.

Alexplored 10/25/08.  All images and text copyright 2008 Alexplorer.
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