Halloween 2008: Oak Lawn, Part X

Continuing where we left off...
The effects of red Kryptonite on Superman are somewhat unpredictable.

Guy on the right's nickname?  Knight rider.

Veni, vidi, vici, bitches.

Oak Lawn succumbs to product placement ads.

It's 12:01AM.  Do you know where Dallas' Worst Parents are?

You know that game where couples keep a list of five names in their wallet that they get to sleep with free?  I just use this picture.

Halloween is a time for angels and devils, but Hell's Angels these most certainly were not.

"So he says, 'Your alibi doesn't check out, are you lying?' and I say, 'Of course I'm lion!'  Ha!"

Later she sat on his face screaming, "Tell a lie!  Tell the truth!  Tell a lie!  Tell the truth!"

Tell John Waters to get down here with a camera and any script no one will finance.

Yeah, whatever happened to Michael Vick, anyway?

"Hey, did you just call me a 'land ho'?"

If Republicans weren't morons, they'd realize the revenue from gay marriages = the economy is saved.

Point to ponder: Do Greeks carry Trojans in their wallet?

Ironically, the one on the left is known as "the nutcracker."

The "Dead Too Soon" club only meets for Halloween-related events.

So scary the crowd just scattered.

"Which of these things is not like the others?" has been around for two thousand years, apparently.

Oh, PETA, just let me enjoy my KFC in peace.

Alexplored 10/25/08.  All images and text copyright 2008 Alexplorer.
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