Halloween 2007: Oak Lawn, Part VII

Continuing where we left off...
Put them together, and you've got a complete outfit.

Let me just freshen up this lipstick.

No none wants to believe me about Batwoman being a lesbian.  For real.  Look it up.

Man, Brittany has really let herself go!

Some would say Paris is actually the dog in this relationship.

Pumpkin Pie.  They're so fucking happy because it was 12:33AM and I was the first one to get the joke that night.

Not what you'd expect to find served outside of a Black-eyed Pea, but pictures don't lie.

Wait.  Did the guy in yellow actually go as a 'tard.  That's just wrong.

Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova.  Still together after all these years.

Tigger, please!

Can you stare at this picture for another 14 minutes, 55 seconds so he can get his requisite fame in?

The games people play.

(With Special Guest appearance by Dani as Sally.)

Can you imagine if David Lynch got a job at Disney?

Fun fact: These are actually called sandwich signs.

Over the top and under the rainbow.  God bless America!

This is what country music sounds like to me, just so you know.

I have no idea, but they win.  Seriously.

Close-up #1.

Close-up #2.

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