Halloween 2007: Oak Lawn, Part VI

Continuing where we left off...
It didn't matter what Simon thought of Dani's costume, Paula Abdul said we looked great.

It's been a while since I watched the show, but is Oscar's nose really this guy's face?

He left a wake of people rushing to the ER with punctured corneas.

I know two things that aren't little about Little Red Riding Hood.

He's too low-key to be a fascist, so I guess he's just a chauvinist.

Which are you going to choose?  Self-service?  I don't think so.  Live a little.

An anesthesiologist, of course!  Who else would you find at the gas station?

Everyone loves them zombies!

*Bonus round: Ironic sign overhead.

Mario is programmed to always be ready to give the shocker.

*Second shocker joke so far if you're keeping count!

Not the Jeanie I was dreaming of, but, hey, what the hell...

Food for thought: Is it admissible to have given a  breathalyzer test to a guy in a walking respirator?

Another pair that makes straights flush.

Now just think what he'd be trying to put in her mouth if she were an altar boy!

It seems like a conflict of interest that he's bottle-fed.

Wild Pac.

Can we say "Dreamgirls 2"?

Pink Floyd will likely never tour again, but there's always this costume and your iPod, right?

Unfortunately, the apple was not laced with poison but rather ecstasy, so we had to watch her dance up there all night.

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