Halloween 2007: Oak Lawn, Part V

Continuing where we left off...
If you're hung up on the fact they've got their characters' genders mixed up, you probably ought to find a different neighborhood to go trick or treating in.

Joust do it!

Comic book conventions aren't very conventional this time of year.

Biblical scholars should realize they've been misreading just what kind of snake Adam and Eve were tempted by.

Oh, hello, Oprah!

He's the Ron Jeremy of cunnilingus.

Two pieces of silver for the Judas priest.

Mekka Lekka Hi-Mekka Hiney Ho!

Molla Mekka Cholla Mekka Molla Mekka Hey!

You never get too old for Underroos if you're a Superboy.

He may be dressed as a chief, but anyone dressed like this qualifies as a brave in my book.

I think they're about to eat what's left of her outfit.

Some said they'd never last.  Shows what they know.

Looks like Santa ate an elf.  However, if you eat a brownie, make sure she doesn't tell her mother.

Miss Manners would probably have a thing or two to say about appropriate attire, but inappropriate attire is at least 99% of the reason why most of us show up here year after year.

Conversely, when in Oak Lawn... well, have a gay old time.

More belly than dancer.

No joke here.  This was a very cool take on a classic.

Everyone's left-eye dominant for this picture.

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