Halloween 2007: Oak Lawn, Part IV

Continuing where we left off...
If you're ever lost in the woods, I'd opt to go with her instead of Little Red Riding Hood.

Oh, so that's where my missing socks went.  No, that's okay.  You keep 'em.

Good thing she had a tramp stamp to keep her warm.

The Phantom's confused because here the "music of the night" was predominantly rave and disco.

These girls didn't outgrow their childhood idols, just the costumes they wore.

V for Venereal.

Obvious drawback: How are you going to carry anything to collect candy in without thumbs?!

Um, no.  Go home.

Mr. Spock said he found many of the costumes simultaneously "Illogical and fascinating."

The runway is more about pageantry than taking to the air, especially if you're a flightless species.

I'm not sure if they were supposed to be anything other than kind of drunk.

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake sounds like a tasty recipe!

Wow!  What are the odds they'd think to wear the same costume?!

All hail Carol Burnette!

I don't know what their super powers are, but I hope it involves crushing me between their thighs.

Now here's an idea for a Wizard of Oz remake!

Halloween falls on Satan's birthday just like how Jesus' birthday falls on the Pagan date for winter solstice!

Andrew Lloyd Webber is planning an update to Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Oh, that hose.  Whew!

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