Halloween 2007: Oak Lawn
Yep, we're back to our favorite haunt and easily the most happening place in the DFW area any Saturday immediately preceding to Halloween.

Why take this shot, you ask?  Because we're professionals.  You take a picture like this as soon as you get out of the car, and that's a brain cell or two you've freed up to party the rest of the night that would otherwise be tied up remembering where you parked four or five hours earlier.

I love how they turned the racial stereotype on its ear.  Too bad I already had a date.

This year it only took three photos in before we find the freakiest couple of the night.

Every time a girl wears a thong to Halloween in Oak Lawn, a pair of fairies get their wings.

Storming the gates.

True story: The girl on the right had to throw away her beer to pose for the picture.  WTF?  You're GERMAN, aren't you?

Fun fact: Two out of three Asian women are exhibitionists.

A time-lapse photo of just how slowly Dani moves when I'm dragging her around on Halloween night.

You want to flog my what?

I have no idea, but they deserve a Tony.  Or someone.

I smell a record deal!!!

Even death couldn't keep Divine from showing up on Halloween!

Yes, this is closest Dani's been to a feather duster.

Even Motorhead's Lemmy and heavy metal enthusiast Satan showed up for the fun.

Ghosts?  Lights?  They keep moving up xmas decorations earlier and earlier each year to the point it's really just one big holiday.

He only agreed to the costume on the grounds she'd strip search him later.

This year's topical reference no one will get by the time they happen across this page on a random Google search.

He could have gone as a super hero or she could have gone as a droog.  Instead, they decided to show off the fact that they couldn't compromise on a team effort.  I give this relationship six more weeks, tops.

Copyright 2007 Alexplorer.
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