Halloween 2006: Oak Lawn, Part VI
Yep, another year in Oak Lawn.  Seriously, if you're within driving distance and you're dressing up, then you had better be here or you need to send me explicit photos the swinger's party you just had to be at instead.


All that I see. 

Absolute horror.

I only get what they're supposed to be from the neck up.

Yeah, if only Duran Duran had a time machine.

The rare exception: This one isn't a real boy.

This pretty much sums up what I still remember from World History.

You know, if Halloween isn't your scene, just don't bother showing up to the cast party.

Peter Parker, Spiderman, and... Aunt May?!

Care for a stick of Gumby?

A nun, Jason Voorhees, and Nacho Libre walk into a bar...

I think Zaphod Beeblebrox is rejecting the transplanted second head.

Okay, so I was wrong.  I have got to get on this Harry Potter bandwagon before it's too late.

I suddenly have a craving for coconut juice.

I always thought nursing uniforms were sexy, but this just carried it to Vegas-level excess.

If they were the real thing, I'm thinking this would have to be about the toughest crowd they've ever played.

Psssssst.  Dude.  The password is "Abracadabra."

Oops.  You missed a few places with the peroxide.

That's it for this year.

Thanks to everyone for going all out and dressing up, and thanks especially to those who posed for the camera!

Happy Halloween!

Alexplored 10/28/06.  All images and text copyright 2006 Alexplorer.
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