Halloween 2006: Oak Lawn, Part IV
Yep, another year in Oak Lawn.  Seriously, if you're within driving distance and you're dressing up, then you had better be here or you need to send me explicit photos the swinger's party you just had to be at instead.

Why is it girls are always attracted to guys who act like dicks?

Take cover, Mel's shitfaced again.  Oy vey!

It's poetic justice that a moth ate his pants.

Coincidentally, I use these as pet names in the bedroom.

Ironically, I caught him smoking.

See?  You don't need a costume to look like a freak.

If you show off your tattooed ass, that's exactly what people will think you are.

I found something similar in the seldom-used vegetable drawer when I cleaned out my fridge.

Raisins?  That's silly.

I say they should change their mascot to a bird of a different feather and call it "Cocks."

Dog the bounty hunter and wife tend to associate with Riff Raff.

"Tell the Senate I'll be a bit late.  Yeah, just have to pick up a couple new slave boys and stop off at the vomitorium..."

Those military recruiters are stooping to new lows to meet their quotas.

People say poodles are really smart, but it that's the case, why do they dress like this?

I swear, if I saw another Captain Jack Sparrow tonight, I was going to put a knife through a dead man's chest.

To answer your first two questions:

1) Super glue. 

2) Eight hours.

Yes, I'm serious.

Causal Fridays was discontinued at the local Asian restaurant following an unspeakable but inevitable incident involving hot grease.

Alexplored 10/28/06.  All images and text copyright 2006 Alexplorer.
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