Halloween 2006: Oak Lawn, Part II
Yep, another year in Oak Lawn.  Seriously, if you're within driving distance and you're dressing up, then you had better be here or you need to send me explicit photos the swinger's party you just had to be at instead.

Look, it's Wonder (if-that's-really-a) Woman!

I had no idea (s)he knew Cher.

"Fork you, Bub."

Damn.  I forgot my kryptonite to counter her hypnotic ass...  Can't...  stop...  staring.

I had to adjust the shutter speed to avoid motion blur when he jiggled these.

No, it most definitely isn't Kansas.  They don't believe Darwin about the flying monkeys there.

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, it's only half price for repeat customers, right?

I didn't have the nerve to tell her what I huge crush I had on her in the 6th grade.

You think they planned it so the conservative one would be on the right?

And they called it puppy love....

I interrupted Raggedy Ann in the middle of congratulating Steve on his Darwin Award this year.

They are so full of crap.


(No, it's okay.  Go ahead.  It's really a chick this time.)

Obviously someone's a Rush fan.

No, officer, I did not see who put pooh on his chest.

Polly want a spider?

Pam Grier rocks!

I worry that the friction could set off a round.

Alexplored 10/28/06.  All images and text copyright 2006 Alexplorer.
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