Halloween 2005: Oak Lawn, Part III

Continuing where we left off...
I'm not sure who he's supposed to be, but he looks like an amalgam of every action figure I ever owned as a kid.

Were it not for that Atkins diet, I don't know that they would have left the house this year.

Rich warns us to "Beware the Ides of March of the Penguins."

Here's some foreshadowing of our custody battle in a galaxy far, far away.

Just like DeNiro for Raging Bull, this guy put on the extra 40 lbs. to flesh out his role as Mr. Incredible.

What kind of pirate is he, you ask? 

Well, here's a hint: He's looking for booty!

Okay, so apparently I do have an Asian fetish!

He just wants your extra time and your... (da na na na na na) ...Kiss.

Mere moments after this photo was taken, this guy unfolded his arms and his nipples popped off and knocked the cowgirl out cold.

We were all pleased to see that Michael Jackson has started coming out of his shell finally.

I have no idea who is behind Elastigirl's mask, but I am madly in love (or at least lust) with her.

You can have the bunny... or Col. Sanders for that matter.

The only thing more awful than this costume is the reality that inspired it.

l hope everyone had a great Halloween this year.  I can't wait for the next one!  And don't miss out on last year's gallery.
Alexplored 10/28/05.  All images and text copyright 2005 Alexplorer.

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