Halloween 2004, Part III
Continuing where we left off...

Sperm and eggs!

...and drunk Superman.  Or something.

Sure, Dani's getting felt up, but notice how they're all checking the cameraman.

There are some things you simply cannot unsee...

Submit your own captions for this one.  I'm, uh, busy at the moment.

A spontaneous Scooby convention. 

Honestly, no three of these people knew one another. 

Not pictured: Fred and another Daphne who were at the other end of the street.

Mercifully, Scrappy was eaten by the ghoul.

You can tell he didn't give a damn that no one looks good in orange.

Hmmm.... The rainbow theme was very popular in this neighborhood for some reason.

That's yet another geisha on the left getting a photo of (and, later, with) Dani.

At least these guys had some justification for wearing leather and heels together.

Someone looks horny.

I like how this group coordinated their costumes so the one guy wouldn't look like a Star Wars dork.

Happy Halloween!

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