Halloween 2004
After a couple of Halloweens in the French Quarter, I know one thing: If anyone is going to go all out, count on the gay men!  With that lesson in mind, Dani and I hooked up with some friends in the Oak Lawn, Cedar Springs area of Dallas, TX for a night on the town.

Look at that crowd!

Note the lightsaber in the background.  I met this guy later in his Luke costume.  He explained that he was "Lukeing for his HANdsom Solo." 

I'm sure he put a lot of thought into this line, so I won't mock him here.

The Princess and the Warrior.

Okay, I don't have my mask on, but I did get rid of the goatee.  Only evil ninjas have those. 

Note to self: Masks are hot.  I didn't wear mine except to pose for a couple pictures.

Here's the first of several shots of body parts taken at the request of Dani and others (You know who you are).

There were a lot of cowboys at the Round-up (western themed bar), but I wasn't sure whether they were in costume or not.

Meanwhile some others apparently just got some extra mileage out of what would otherwise qualify as evening wear.

Honestly, I was worried that dressing as an ethnicity might found offensive by some.

Such concerns were immediately allayed when these girls freaked out and wanted their picture taken with Dani.

Note the props: Authentic Oriental umbrella, paper fan... and (huh?) a beer bottle.

Brandon, don't feed the animals!

Here we see the emphasis less on "Care" and more on "Bear."

Here's just a taste of the cleavage we saw over the course of the night. 

Incidentally, I don't know whether this was a man or woman. 

Trick or Treat, indeed!

Omar is the happiest Indian ever.

Does anyone remember "Little Horse" in Little Big Man?  If not, go rent it.

And look!  It's Mrs. Steve from Pee Wee's Playhouse!

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