Haunted Houses In My Neighborhood: 2008 Edition, Part III
Continuing where we left off...

This is how Republicans decorate.  Yes, really.  The scariest thing was the McCain sign in the yard.

I have never met them, but if I have a Halloween party next year, they're getting an invite.

About as scary and devoid of personality as the middle-of-the-series Friday the 13th movies no one saw.

Yeah, Toby Maguire lives on my block.

It's the setting of a little-known video game I just made up in my head: Haunted Hippy Fortress.

If they could somehow make the trees throw apples, then maybe we'd be onto something.

They lynch klansmen?  Whoa!

Get this.  They aren't decorated for Halloween; that's their real fence.  They leave this shit up all year long... what's left of it anyway.

The tricycle is a subtle nod to the Saw movies.

"Just get one of everything," she told her husband with no clue about these things.

I don't know.  Maybe if they were filled with helium and hovered above the ground like real ghosts...

Target practice?  I mean, they're already dead.

You can afford that house and you can't get all the lights to work at the same time?

Like the spoiled only-children of rich parents, they're all grinning because they happen to be the only decorations out here.

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