Haunted Houses In My Neighborhood: 2008 Edition, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

I would never actually buy these spiders because on a store shelf they look like crap.  From a distance though, they're much more impressive, much like how Impressionist paintings work. 

This is pretty cool.  Granted, the stones aren't even a couple feet tall and this whole display is on the top of a hill, so you pretty much have to get out of the car and walk up into their yard with your tripod to get a decent shot...

...but what the fuck is this?  The most salient feature (at night anyway) completely ruins the scene.

Seriously, I really have no idea what they're trying for here.  A spider web maybe?  If so, why would a spider build a web between two poles in the middle of the yard?  Idiotic.

I'm actually okay with this.  Purple lights are good for atmosphere.  Enough with that orange shit.

If it doesn't look like those are decorations from this distance, it's because they suck at this.


Dani is thankful we aren't rich enough to live in Ryan Place precisely because I would have a ten-foot-tall spider standing in the front yard.

(L to R) Ghost, Skeleton, Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Ghost.

What you don't know is that's a drifter who sat down and died there.  The residents just covered his head with a pumpkin and they're waiting on the city coroner to pick him up.  That was sometime in early August.

Meh.  It's a good start.

Mom said she wasn't decorating, but it was fine if the kids did with whatever they could find around the house.

The really creepy stuff are what you can't see.  Like the flowers in the attic.

It's the decorating equvalent of the morning after a really intoxicating New Years Eve party, one that happened to have been held a couple months early.

Any investment advisor will tell you to diversify.

In case you missed it in last years' galleries, I will never, ever forgive the owners of this house for not decorating it as a giant skull.  I mean, just look at it!

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